Upfront Payment

The most popular renting type. Basically, the mechanism is almost the same as renting a car on a lovely, 7-day summer vacation in Rome. You're paying up-front for 7 days and securing a deposit. Nobody likes paying deposit... That's why Unfreeze is collateral-free.

How it works?

You're paying up-front eg. for 7 days. Unfreeze secures the transaction and delegates usage rights to the in-game asset.

How is it secured?

Unfreeze uses ERC-4907 which is an extension of ERC-721. It adds an additional role (user) which can be granted to addresses, and a time where the role is automatically revoked (expires). It adds an additional utility to any collection since it splits properties of a NFT between ownership and usage rights. The user role represents permission to "use" the NFT, but not the ability to transfer it or set users. This way renting can be safe and do not require additional collateral.

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