To help game developers unlock blockchain-specific revenue streams without being a blockchain expert.

What is Unfreeze?

SDK & user-friendly platform that allows Web3 games to launch faster and reduce costs of R&D.

1. Integrate Unfreeze SKD 2. Add GameFi solution 3. Manage your game We help game developers to build fast on the blockchain of their choice, so they do not need to deal with technical documentation, which is primarily understandable for Solidity developers. By using our Game Admin Panel, they can add GameFi solutions and manage their game from the same place. They can quickly create an in-game marketplace for their assets, enable micropayments, Fiat-NFT transactions, NFT rentals, minting game-specific collections, and distribute directly to the players.

In short, we onboard the game into the blockchain so they can launch it much faster and less expensive.

Who should use Unfreeze?

Game publishers and individual games that want to add blockchain elements within their titles.

Is Unfreeze a whitelabel solution?

Yes, we are!

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